Former Brandeis Student Arrested for Bank Robbery

Somehow Sahar missed the most interesting story in this week’s Hoot, so here it is:

William Murphy, a 23 year old former Brandeis student (who did not graduate) apparently robbed a bank in Longmeadow, stealing $300,000 and storing the money at the Russell Street house of several current Brandeis students who are on the baseball team. The robbery occurred March 25th, and was allegedly carried out by Murphy and his younger brother. Also, the two were reportedly dropped off near Brandeis by a friend directly after the robbery.

More information in this week’s Hoot and at As a reminder, this is not the first time a Brandeis student has robbed a bank.

Left to right: Thomas and William Murphy Continue reading “Former Brandeis Student Arrested for Bank Robbery”

How Dumb Do They Think We Are?

I’ve been whining about newspapers for quite sometime, so I’m going to continue along that path today.

Here’s the good news: the Shapiro Campus Center now has a newspaper rack! With lots of free real-world newspapers! No longer will we have to rely upon the damnable Justice and Hoot for our information.

Here, however, is the bad news: All the newspapers are the USA Today. I know, right? If Hell exists, its newspaper racks are full of USA Todays. It’s a newspaper that is not only moronic, but proud of being moronic. At least the Wall Street Journal has pretensions. No newspaper has a smaller news-to-useless-infographic ratio than USA Today. Apparently Brandeis thinks we’re all completely stupid, and can’t handle the news unless it is delivered to us in Bright Colors and Big, Bold Headlines.

Here, take a look at the evidence I have captured: Continue reading “How Dumb Do They Think We Are?”