So I have been sitting in Sherman eating for the last three hours, and one thing I have noticed is that it is the most eclectic craziest bunch of music I have ever listened to.

Man, a hipster at WBRS could only hope to come up with this song selection. ¬†Perhaps the people who created this playlist could be recruited for WBRS’s automated programming.

Here are some examples of songs that have been played.

“Ch-check it out” Beasti Boys

“Theme from Fresh Prince of Bell Air” – Will Smith

“Through the Wire” – Kanye West

“Angels” – Robbie Williams

“Elephant Love Medley” ¬†– Moulin Rouge OST

“Over My Had (Cable Car)” – The Fray (may it be noted that this song skipped immensely for its whole length unchecked)

“Everybody (backstreet’s Back)” Backstreet Boys

Hella cool music I have never heard of in Spanish that was really cool.

“Girls Just Want to Have fun” Cyndi Lauper

Good Stuff

Sherman is awesome!

3 comments on “The Music of Sherman”

  1. lisa Says:

    i can assure you, that the hipsters at wbrs would never ever EVER hope to make that playlist. actually, the hipsters at wbrs would compose a playlist of songs that you’re likely never to have heard before.

  2. Leah Says:

    I heard that the music is picked by students…in the sense that, you can submit a song or a CD you want to be played, and as long as it is not offensive, they will play it.

  3. rrobins33 Says:

    You really should listen to Purple Haze on WBRS on Sundays at 6pm for the BEST music and to expand your musical tastes!