Brandeis Students React to Obama Afghanistan Escalation

A BrandeisNOW reporter interviewed students (including Mr. Sahar Massachi and Mr. Nathan J. Robinson) about their opinions on President Obama’s new Afghanistan strategy. You can see the responses here, on the BrandeisNOW website. Even though I’m completely unqualified to make foreign policy pronouncements (as is everyone else on the video), I stand by what I said. WHAT ARE WE DOING IN AFGHANISTAN?!?!


5 thoughts on “Brandeis Students React to Obama Afghanistan Escalation”

  1. small staff, many finals, not time… such is the life of innermostparts. I’m sure you’ve noticed we overcover some stories and undercover others, this is because we simply are sometimes real busy and we don’t force our writers to write – it depends on individual initiative. But if you have something to say about it, or want to write an article, please do and email it to us and we’ll prob publish it, assuming its not just a flame piece and says something of substance.

  2. They’re only interested in “unsubstantiated ethereal sources” … once the appropriate info is out there in the campus print media, the story’s dead to them.

  3. why haven’t you guys reported on the impeachment yet? you report on union controversies all the time

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