Announcing a Glorious Compendium of Paperback Wisdom

Good evening, Innermost Parts friends. Ordinarily I would regard the act I am about to commit as somewhat morally unsound, but as I do it in my own financial interest I am suppressing my inner objections.

My compatriot and classmate Oren Nimni and I have written a book. It is entitled Blueprints for a Sparkling Tomorrow: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream It can be examined here, at, where it is currently the #117,529th bestselling book.

I post this here because the book is mildly political, though it is “radical” only in the sense that it rejects civilization outright. It is a book of meditations on contemporary human problems, and proposed solutions to those problems. A deeply introspective and professional work, it comes with a glossy cover and a number of well-placed footnotes.

And so, for just $11.99, you get 236 pages of intelligent discourse and witty retorts. As you read, you will slide lithely toward the Future, and while your tomorrows may or may not sparkle, you will certainly emerge from the book having read it.

There is not yet a law requiring you buy this book, but I strongly recommend you do so. And all those who write reviews will be given complimentary pastries. (This only applies to intellectually honest reviews. Reviewers who spew accusations and falsehoods will go pastry-less)