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  • Who Shall We Choose as NEXT Year’s Commencement Speaker?

    So the class of 2010 has gone forth into the world, and the Michael Oren issue is now moot. But we should immediately begin discussing next year’s commencement. Supposedly the administration considers nominations for commencement speaker from the class. I suggest we take them up on this, and come up with a few speakers we’d […]

  • So Commencement

    Congrats to all my lovely senior friends who just graduated. I’m proud of you, I’m excited to see the great things that you’ll do, and I hope to stay in touch. I hear there was a controversial speaker there. I wasn’t at graduation, unfortunately. If you were there, can you enlighten us as to what […]

  • Commencement Speaker

    The recipients of honorary degrees at this year’s commencement were announced on Friday. (Was Brandeis trying to make sure this didn’t get noticed? WTF?) Although I was at first disappointed to hear that the keynote speakerĀ  at my commencement would be the current mayor of Newark, NJ, after reading his bio, his wikipedia page, and […]