Commencement Speaker

The recipients of honorary degrees at this year’s commencement were announced on Friday. (Was Brandeis trying to make sure this didn’t get noticed? WTF?)

Although I was at first disappointed to hear that the keynote speakerĀ  at my commencement would be the current mayor of Newark, NJ, after reading his bio, his wikipedia page, and watching the trailer for the 2005 documentary Street Fight about his campaign to become mayor of Newark, I became excited to hear what he has to say. Booker is a community organizer who, as a politician and outside of politics, has done some really brave shit to prove his commitment to do what is best for the people of Newark. I hope that he will impart to us during his speech, some of the wisdom that he has gained along the way. Also, he knows President Obama personally and is a vegetarian, so he must be a cool guy.

Oh, and we’re also giving an honorary degree to Rajendra K. Pachauri, the guy who received the Nobel Prize along with Al Gore in 2007, and awesome choreographer Bill T. Jones. Good job Brandeis!

Thank god I don’t have to listen to Thomas Friedman or Bill Schneider!