A Better Waltham Hotel

I’d like to tell you briefly about the Crescent Suites Hotel. I know Innermost Parts is not typically an outlet for hotel reviews, but it’s nice to give locally-owned businesses a bit of publicity when they start up, especially when you have a positive experience with them. And boy, I sure do love the Crescent Suites Hotel. Please note: they are not paying me to say this. Nor am I friends with the owner. I’ve just noticed that everyone who visits Brandeis students tends to use the DoubleTree or one of the other corporate hotels up on Totten Pond Road. And they shouldn’t. My parents decided to experiment with the Crescent Suites, a brand new independent hotel started by a Waltham builder. And MAN, it’s great! Cheaper than the chain hotels, with more luxurious accommodations (a full-size kitchen and double plasma TVs in nearly every room), AND a Brandeis discount. Plus the owner is incredibly helpful and loves making people free cappuccinos. I swear, it’s fantastic. And cute. Just check out the collected reviews on Google Maps. If your parents visit, send ’em to the Crescent Suites.




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