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  • Links to News Articles about the Rose

    Here’s an incomplete list of news articles and pieces about the Rose closure. As you will swiftly notice, Brandeis does not come off too well in them.

  • Rose Art on the main page of the NY Times Website

    The New York Times website updates frequently, and items get pushed off the main page about as quickly as they’re put on, but right now the lead story is about our beloved Rose museum. Here is a link. Click it. It’s now fairly clear that if we go through with this, we will destroy our […]

  • The Save Wayne Campaign

    So one of Brandeis’s coolest professors is about to become an early victim of the budget cuts. I took a class with Professor Wayne Marshall last semester (Race, Representation, Reggae and Nation), and loved every minute of it. Professor Marshall is one of the absolute best instructors I’ve had, and it sadly looks like he’s […]

  • The Hoot’s article on the protest

    The Hoot has a front page article on our demonstration yesterday in Olin-Sang. Go and read it: By the way, I’m the one in the hat, in case you couldn’t tell. I think the article is a pretty fair summary of what happened. And I’m very happy with the responses of the faculty to […]

  • Dastardly Vandals Wish to Destroy Our System of Government

    Graffiti found in 3rd Floor Castle Bathroom: “I am thinking of Revolution. You dig?” I do, in fact, dig. This mysterious Castle revolutionary has things about right, I think. If you like, we can discuss either the message this wall has for us OR the question of whether graffitizing objects and buildings is appropriate if […]

  • Here Is Another Thing I Am Annoyed About

    I’m pissed off again. This time, it’s about flowers. It’s not that I’m opposed to the concept of flowers. It’s just that I have a big beef with Brandeis’s particular methods of imposing flowers on the public. Take a look at this picture: Those are our new “flower pots.” My issue is that they are […]

  • How Dumb Do They Think We Are?

    I’ve been whining about newspapers for quite sometime, so I’m going to continue along that path today. Here’s the good news: the Shapiro Campus Center now has a newspaper rack! With lots of free real-world newspapers! No longer will we have to rely upon the damnable Justice and Hoot for our information. Here, however, is […]

  • Dorm Spiders!

    Three days ago, a big spider jumped on me in the bathroom for the second time in two weeks. This is becoming a most disturbing trend, and I must say that I am starting to dislike it. But the spiders are only symptomatic of a larger problem at Brandeis: poor dorm maintenance. Now, I don’t […]

  • In Mild Defense of the BranVan

    I drive the Branvan. Some of you may know that, having suffered through a ride with me before. Others may have forgotten their Branvan experiences with me due to the state of inebriation they were experiencing at the time. Whatever your encounters with the Branvan have been, though, it is likely that you are upset […]

  • On The Need For A Greater Quantity Of Geodesic Domes

    You know what Brandeis needs? A great big geodesic dome. I only figured this out recently, when I noticed just how downright hideous the entrance to Brandeis is. Let me explain my brilliant reasoning. Currently, what do visitors see when they arrive at our dear university? Why, they see a tiny, scruffy little Branvan shack. […]

  • I Bet You Want To Know Election Results

    And so here they are!!! You will notice that Sahar and I are now running against one another. IT’S ON! Off Campus: Rank Candidate Votes % 1 Nathan Goldstein 43 79.63 2 Mariam Akbar 6 11.11 3 ABSTAIN 3 5.56 4 Adam Jama 1 1.85 4 Jules Levenson 1 1.85 6 Mike Martin 0 0.00 […]

  • I am Slightly Annoyed with The Hoot (But You Should Read It Anyway!)

    I have a piece published in The Hoot this week, although you wouldn’t know it by looking at The Hoot. This is because instead of “By Nathan Robinson,” Brandeis University’s Community Newspaper decided that it would rather print “By Maxwell Price” in the byline. No, I don’t know why they did this. The story (it’s […]

  • Bicycles, perhaps?

    You may recall that last year there was considerable talk about a bicycle program for Brandeis students. We would all pay a small fee, and would then get access to bikes, so that we could ride all over town and annoy the Waltham traffic. So what happened? As far as I can tell, there isn’t […]

  • Where have all the papers gone?

    Nathan is a new writer for us. Please welcome him to the blog. -Sahar       Last year, each morning I went up to the Information Booth in the Shapiro Campus Center and obtained a crisp copy of the day’s New York Times. These were free, as part of some sort of program-thingy that Brandeis runs to give […]