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Here’s an incomplete list of news articles and pieces about the Rose closure. As you will swiftly notice, Brandeis does not come off too well in them.


Reminiscences of Charles Giuliano, a Brandeis alum, art critic, and artist (a personal, detailed, and quite rambling story of the Rose, its history, and what it means to the art world)

Statement from Michael Rush, Director of the Rose Art Museum, Regarding the Impending Closing of the Museum  (Art Daily)

Brandeis and Rose: The Numbers Emerge (Conde Nast Portfolio: Market Movers blog)

A betrayal of trust at Brandeis (Boston Globe Op-ed)

Boston Globe slideshow of Rose Art (if you’d like to get a sense of what we’d be losing, this is the place to go)

Museum backers seek to halt sell-off, The Boston Globe (an article about pissed-off donors, particularly Lois Foster)

Hawk this gem? Unconscionable, The Boston Globe (commentary piece critical of the decision)

Crisis raises questions on Brandeis campus, The Boston Globe (news article about reactions to the budget issue, featuring quotes by our beloved comrades Carrie Mills and Alex Melman)

Ailing Brandeis will shut museum, sell treasured art. The Boston Globe (initial article reporting the Board decision)

Brandeis Students Promise Uproar Over Plan to Close Art Museum, Bloomberg (article featuring info about the sit-in)

Brandeis students protest art museum closure, The Boston Globe (news from the Jan 29th protest)

Outcry Over a Plan to Sell Museum’s Holdings, The New York Times (further general coverage)

Brandeis Says It Plans to Sell Art Collection to Raise Cash, The New York Times (blurb with basic facts)

A Madoff sell-off?, TIME (TIME’s art critic ponders the Madoff/Shapiro/Brandeis connection)

Mass. Attorney General to Review Brandeis’s Plan to Close Rose (article from an art website mentioning the possible legal ramifications)

Art Collector Irked by Brandeis Museum Closing, NPR (radio segment on the issue)

Brandeis President Defends Art Museum Sale, NPR (radio segment on the issue)

Rose Art Museum to be closed, The Justice (the front-page Justice article announcing the news)

Rose shutdown risks our image, The Justice (student op-ed about the closing)

Closing of the Rose arouses shame and anger, The Justice (another Justice piece)

Q&A with Rose Art Museum director Michael Rush,

Phone-a-thon employees warned to keep quiet on Rose, The Hoot (an important Hoot piece about the silencing of Phone-a-thon employees  by the Giving Officer)

There are plenty more (the story’s all over the place), but they all say basically the same things as the above articles. I thought it would be a good idea to get all of the major stories listed in the same place. None of them is especially revelatory at this point, though as I mentioned, the Globe slideshow is worth a look. Also, the comment sections are often fascinating, since they’re from a mixture of outsiders, students, alums, and art-people. If you have any others you think should be added to the list, post ’em in the comments section. We’re trying to maintain a fairly comprehensive list.


Untitled (Dead), a Rose piece by Adam McEwen, from the Boston Globe image set


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