Here Is Another Thing I Am Annoyed About

I’m pissed off again. This time, it’s about flowers. It’s not that I’m opposed to the concept of flowers. It’s just that I have a big beef with Brandeis’s particular methods of imposing flowers on the public.

Take a look at this picture:

Those are our new “flower pots.” My issue is that they are not actually flower pots. They are garbage cans. They have been converted.

This is an outrage. Last year these garbage cans were well-located and convenient. But then the members of the Executive Committee On Waste Receptacle Placement sneaked in during the night and suddenly transformed them all into horticultural containment facilities. Now instead of melon rinds and hastily discarded copies of The Hoot, they have hideously lovely pink and white flowers. So where am I supposed to put my melon rinds?

Of course, they’ve replaced some of the garbage cans, but many of them are in slightly different places to where they used to be. And so I have to readjust the paths I take to throw things away, which is a minor inconvenience. Continue reading “Here Is Another Thing I Am Annoyed About”