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  • Frederick Lawrence’s Political Contribution History

    Last winter, when Brandeis Trustee Meyer Koplow was nominated to serve as our next President, one of the major objections I heard to his candidacy was his ties to the Republican Party.¬† As Nathan Robinson wrote in the Hoot, Koplow’s record of political contributions includes several darlings of the right-wing, including the ultraconservative¬† Jim DeMint […]

  • A Preview of the Lawrence Presidency

    I’m really impressed with the all the buzz surrounding future Brandeis President Frederick Lawrence, both from his strong biography and academic record and from the glowing words of praise that everyone seems to have for him.¬† However, all the accolades in the world can’t predict what we’ll actually get once Lawrence takes office on January […]

  • More thoughts on Prez Fred

    So – new president. Here’s what I think, from what I’ve read so far. F-Lawrence knows what is truly important and interesting about Brandeis: Social Justice, Louis Brandeis being awesome, and us being a liberal arts school that happens to also be a research university. He has the right resume and says the right things: […]


    In an email sent 10¬† minutes ago, Board of Trustees chair Malcolm Sherman announced that Frederick M. Lawrence of the George Washington University School of Law will be the next President of Brandeis University effective Jan 1, 2011. Below is Lawrence’s bio from GW, as well as the text of the email: Frederick Lawrence came […]