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  • More thoughts on Prez Fred

    So – new president. Here’s what I think, from what I’ve read so far. F-Lawrence knows what is truly important and interesting about Brandeis: Social Justice, Louis Brandeis being awesome, and us being a liberal arts school that happens to also be a research university. He has the right resume and says the right things: […]

  • The Higher Education Bubble

    In a recent publication of The Chronicle of Higher Education, they ask Will Higher Education Be the Next Bubble to Burst? Reading the Chronicle is interesting because you know that the administration is reading it, too, and you sometimes find ideas discussed on it that are later implemented. For example, this article talks about the […]

  • Want to learn community organizing this summer?

    An exciting opportunity to learn/practice community organizing, and get paid! SOUL Summer SchoolJune 15th to August 6th 2009San Francisco Bay AreaSOUL Summer School is an intensive 8-week introduction to community organizing and social change, designed for young activists who have been involved with social justice organizing for at least one year. SOUL is dedicated to […]