Highlights from the Ayers article comment sections!

As some have mentioned, the comment sections to the Globe and Herald pieces about the Bill Ayers visit are an absolute comedy goldmine. There are a lot of them, though, and sifting through them takes time. So here are some of the more amusing ones. Post your personal favorites below!

“When will Brandeis invite Charles Manson or Jeffery Dahmer? Is Dahmer even still alive? Does anyone think Brandeis would invite Miss California. Fat chance. This not a free speech issue. It does show the charactor of Brandeis.”

“My sister was an intelligent, thoughtful, logical, caring person. Then she went to Brandeis, earned a degree and is no longer intelligent, thoughtful, logical, or a caring person. She lost her family over it…but she was ready fo UC Berkely.”

“I think that it’s disgusting that Brandeis is willing to bring this person into our community. There is an elementary school right next to Brandeis every time the university brings in someone with a colorful background they not only put their students in potential danger but an entire school that has nothing to do with their university. Shame on you for not looking out for the community or asking for their unput!”

“the aforementioned were a cell like structure of Mr Ayer’s weather underground. And for the all forgiving liza behrendt, do the words John Dmandjuct (spelling) the 19 year old guard at one of those (completely horrible and despicable) Nazi Concentration Camps ring a bell. Is this 19 yr old following orders being forgiven and being credited for living a good life after the war?? NO ?? But, you naieve, idealistic, academia sheltered little child, Mr Ayers ACTIVELY LED a domestic terror group that killed police officers and innocent civilians for “the cause” and his actions keep getting excused by aging pony tailed hippies saying that “it was the 60’s” Grow up Liza, my father was a cop during those days when they were getting murdered by radicals and black panthers because of their occupation, what was your daddy, Liza, a banker, lawyer, doctor??? Most of us really don’t take the opinion of some student living in privilege under the bubble of academia too seriously.”

“Ayers is a terrorist and Obama is a traitor.”

“Was Hitler not available? Your parents should be ashamed!”

“Walter was my Uncle, this unrepentant piece of trash should be deported after he is hanged. What a sin to have him speak at the very crucible of murdering idiot anarchists. They have no shame.”

“Why don’t you moonbats at Brandeis invite the craigslist killer to speak next year? Maybe after that you can invite the guy who killed those cops in Pittsburgh.”

“Maybe we can go to Brandeis next Thursday and throw rocks at Ayers. Meet me there.”

followed later by a clarification:

“By “rocks” I mean verbal rocks. Let’s use words to protest against Ayers at Brandeis.”

“i find it appalling to let this guy ayers even speak at any school let alone be in this country after what he did in his past. it doesn’t matter if its in his past or not a traitor is a traitor in my eye and he killed people none the less so he is no different than charles manson only exception is he is still free to still have terrorist inclinations and who really knows if he hasn’t and to think obama has known him for a long time , wake up you zombie groupies and smell the socialist party coming by the means of Obamanation to abomanation of the Usa with yers and Iranians president right next to ayers and Obama since they all have one thing we all see have in common terrorism.”

“Coming from the school that employed Robert Reich, the self spoken enemy to working Americans, this is no big surprise. Just further evidence of how the school has no respect for anything, especially Americans. I hope people rally against this infidel.”