MSA Vandalism Hitting Area News

For a university reeling for a series of PR disasters on a national scale, this can’t be how Brandeis hoped to return to the news.  The vandalism at the Muslim Student Association lounge has been picked up by the Boston Herald, the Boston Globe, WCVB-TV Channel 5 Boston, the Huffington Post, and, for some reason, an obscure newspaper in Louisiana.

I hate seeing Brandeis attracting this kind of attention.  Many of the stories seem to blow a “Muslims vs. Jews” dog-whistle that gives a completely false picture of how things really are at the university.  If I were a Muslim student, I’d definitely reconsider attending Brandeis after hearing this story.

To whomever did this, if you somehow happen to read this, know that I cannot imagine that I’m sharing this campus with as low a form of scum as you.  You’ve stolen and destroyed private property, attacked a minority group, and tarnished Brandeis’s reputation.  I don’t know if you’re actually a student, but I know for sure that you are not a Brandeisian.

I’ll update this post periodically throughout the night with new links if more news stories come to my attention.

Rose Protest in Globe


The Boston Globe has a decent, if short, article covering today’s protest. You can read it here. It’s not too enlightening on any Rose issues, but it’s nice to see that the student efforts are being properly documented in national media.

Remember, you can visit the Innermost Parts article archive to see all of the major articles about the Rose closure. Let us know if there’s anything we’re missing, or any investigation or coverage of the issue you’d like to see.

If anyone has photos or video of the event that we should post, let us know.