MSA Vandalism Hitting Area News

For a university reeling for a series of PR disasters on a national scale, this can’t be how Brandeis hoped to return to the news.  The vandalism at the Muslim Student Association lounge has been picked up by the Boston Herald, the Boston Globe, WCVB-TV Channel 5 Boston, the Huffington Post, and, for some reason, an obscure newspaper in Louisiana.

I hate seeing Brandeis attracting this kind of attention.  Many of the stories seem to blow a “Muslims vs. Jews” dog-whistle that gives a completely false picture of how things really are at the university.  If I were a Muslim student, I’d definitely reconsider attending Brandeis after hearing this story.

To whomever did this, if you somehow happen to read this, know that I cannot imagine that I’m sharing this campus with as low a form of scum as you.  You’ve stolen and destroyed private property, attacked a minority group, and tarnished Brandeis’s reputation.  I don’t know if you’re actually a student, but I know for sure that you are not a Brandeisian.

I’ll update this post periodically throughout the night with new links if more news stories come to my attention.

Brandeis Saves the Big 3

I was greeted this morning by a delightful email sent out to Sociology majors.  Noted website and blog Huffington Post has begun publishing the work of Brandeis professor (drumroll please)…

Gordie Fellman!

Surprisingly, rather than writing about the latest phase of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on which he teaches a class, Gordie hypothesizes about how to save the auto industry. He concludes that rather than continuing to hire executives who demand huge salaries, private jets, and golden parachutes, the Big 3 would be smarter to:

Turn to the one resource that probably has the strength, imagination, daring, and commitment to pull off a complete turnaround of the auto companies. I am talking about the lower level staff and workers who can bring their ideas, their ignored wisdom, and their neglected talents to the executive suite and figure out how to solve transportation problems in ways that will benefit everyone.

It’s a short article and a quick read so I suggest you take a look at the whole thing.

It’s nice to know that there is a professor at Brandeis who we can trust to take the side of the working class every time.