Anti-Obama Ad Merits a Response

We Will Remember from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

If you have not seen this video yet, watch it. The other day, when Rick Pearlstein met with a bunch of us “activists” in Sahar’s suite, he talked a bunch about the strategies the Republican Party has been employing, quite effectively, to attack the Democratic Party. This is a time when the Democratic Party should be at the height of its career, but somehow it is falling prey to many of the Republican’s attacks, and not doing a good job of fighting back.

Perhaps it is because of ads like the one above, in which the Republican Governors Association call Obama a fraud, accuse him of ruining the nation and fooling the people, and uses Obama’s “Yes we can…” catchphrase against him, filling in the blank after the ellipse with a series of negative phrases, culminating in “Yes we can…end the American Dream.”

I believe the Obama Administration should respond to these negative messages because if they simply ignore them, they are giving credence to the conservative, right-wing campaign against them. Similar to Howard Dean’s 50 State Campaign (he gave a highly inspiring speech here on campus 2 weeks ago), if the Democrats do not reach out to people and defend themselves, they will not hold onto their political power for long. I am not a fan of mud-slinging but I do think more efforts should be taken to address these radical ads.

(Thanks famous political theorists for coming to Brandeis and inspiring me!)






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  1. art

    Yeah, a little bit of truth-twisting for sure. That said, marvelously well done.