Demonstration Against Oren – Today! 3PM! Bernstein-Marcus!

Hey Everyone,

Come to Bernstein-Marcus TODAY at 3 pm to take part of a demonstration against the choice of Michael Oren as commencement speaker.

In collectively voicing our frustration, we can let the administration know that commencement is no place for divisive politics. We will be encouraging discussion, expression, and intend on presenting our concerns to President Reinharz during his office hours.

Come for fun! Conviviality! Discussion and dissension! Fun and frivolity! And kicking some buckets!

And if you have not already done so, please sign the online petition:






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  1. I have written a short essay with my thoughts on these protests and petitions, which I believe are misguided. I hope readers of this site will consider these views thoughtfully. I welcome your responses on my blog:

  2. Alan Royals

    Don’t forget to join and sign the facebook group below!

    A Letter in Support of President Reinharz and Ambassador Oren