The New Meat in Town

Real Food’s Margo Kolenda reviews the impact of the newly re-stocked local burgers in the Boulevard. Sustainability has never tasted so good.

At Last! After weeks upon weeks of asking the man behind the counter at the Usdan Boulevard for a Wolfe’s Neck Burger, until I didn’t even need to ask to get the apologetic dismissal with a shake of his head, they have returned. Permanently. According to dining services, who admit they never should have left, they will be available every day, and better advertising (have you noticed those energy-sucking tv screens?) will be used to attract customers. When I got one Wednesday night, seven other people in line had one with me. One guy asked the chef, “what’s the difference,” and got back the straightforward, confident, “better quality.” In two simple words, he told the guy what it will take me the rest of this blog to tell you.

What’s the difference? For those of you that don’t know, Wolfe’s Neck Burgers (recently bought by Pineland Farms), are a local organic, grass-fed, humanely raised, all-around-wonderful option for us meat-eaters who still have a conscience. These burgers come from cows that mature in a pasture, the way cows were meant to live. The minimum space they will ever have to themselves is 250 square feet per cow — that’s definitely bigger than the pen I am living in at Brandeis right now. No pent up CAFOs, no standing almost on top of other animals wallowing in their own feces. These cows are fed grass up until the finishing stage, their natural source of food. (After that they are fed barley, still a grain, never corn and never the animal by-product that CAFO cows receive). This results in healthier cows, less disease and risk of E. coli, as well as healthier meat with fewer calories, lower fat, less carbs, yet a higher amount of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. The cows are never given antibiotics or growth hormones of any sort, and they don’t even need medicine with the natural way in which they are raised. Moreover, the farms are local, not out in the Midwest somewhere, and they use sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

I love that I can have a hamburger and not feel guilty about eating it. (sorry vegetarians/vegans). And let’s face it, they are just so tasty! So go out and enjoy one for yourself, and let dining services know how glad you are to have one.


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