I am so excited for Wednesday

I’m really busy so I have to keep this short.

Something really amazing is going to happen on Wednesday.

On Wednesday and Thursday Professor Cunningham is inviting a bunch of amazing Brandeis alumni for a panel on social action. It’ll be great. Noon, Brown auditorium (thats in the building near Pearlman and Usdan). Go!
But furthermore  Wednesday night, the Justice League (a project of the Activist Resource Center) is hosting them for a “chill with students thing”.

And Thursday night, the SJSP minors are bringing them to their event:

The Social Justice and Social Policy (SJSP) Meet the Minors and Alumni
Panel will be on Thursday April 8th from 2:00 to 3:30 pm in Ridgewood

This event will feature Brandeis alums who have since Brandeis pursued
careers in social policy and social justice and if given the chance
probably would have been a part of the SJSP minor program.

Now,  I’m still waiting on who is coming, and when/where the Justice League thing will be. As I learn more I’ll update you.

This has been over a semester in the making. Get excited. And come!