Did you get the email? Brandeis is replacing some old science buildings with a GARDEN or possibly Volleyball or possibly a combination of the two. I don’t know why but this is very exciting to me.


The email:

Dear Members of the Brandeis Community:

The last portions of Phase 1 of the Science Complex Renewal Project are nearly complete (Friedland has been removed, Kalman removal is in progress).  Following removal of Kalman, the final step will be to heal the landscape wounds, with a further goal of creating, in a highly cost-effective manner, a usable space that can be enjoyed by the entire Brandeis community.  To accomplish this step, working with Landworks Studio (the landscape architect for the overall project), three alternative concepts have been developed.  We are asking you to take a look at these three concepts and share your preferences and thoughts.

The proposals are presented at, where you’ll also find a link (“Vote Now!”) to a survey that includes a space for sharing any comments you may have.

Thank you for taking a look and for sharing your preferences and thoughts.

I am not advocating for any specific of the three plans personally (except for the fact that a GARDEN would be AWESOME). I think all three are clearly much better than what we have now. Vote! Isn’t it nice that we get one in the first place?

Volleyball + Gardens = VolleyGARDENball


8 thoughts on “Cool!”

  1. No let me expound on that. I don’t know what expound means. But it is really difficult to build a building
    So wherefore not does Brandeis just keep them? I mean, if I knew you were going to destroy these beautiful buildings, i would have protested, I thought they were being renovated, you know until i cam back from Winter Break and Friedland was gone.

    Keep them i could use them, if you aren’t, Brandeis surely doesn’t have the self esteem to build a new science building righ now anyway.

  2. HEy
    Those wre perfectly good beautiful buildings
    i d k why Brandeis destroyed them
    they could have just kept them and ad more buildings that could be used for lots of this
    Like a Change Agency or a zine library or a womyn’s shelter
    Or like move chums to that buidling. It would be a big chums

    Gardens are cool, but I mean that’s what roofs are for

    Way to fuck it up Brandeis

  3. This is so hip! While the volleyball courts are interesting, they’re simply not suited to Massachusetts weather – 8 or 9 months of the year we’ll have giant blocks of wet sand that will be unusable and just plain messy. The garden, on the other hand, will be beautiful and usuable all year round!

  4. At first I thought this was a late April Fool’s joke. They don’t send these emails to study abroad students – thanks for letting me know, Sahar!

  5. I think the garden or hybrid idea is great! Science and math students, especially, would benefit from this because of proximity – the space would provide a nice break from their intense work!

  6. My comment was that they need to remember that while they carry institutional memory, we turn over a generation in four years. Any class that gets used to a garden and trees will raise hell if they get taken out for phase two. (That’s what I understand the plan to be, anyway.)

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