Remember When: Michael Ian Black

Like many fellow Brandeisians I go to Brandeis. I also saw Michael Ian Black and here is my take on it. It was really good. There was funniness abounding about. Especially when there was a really long line that circled the Usdan courtyard and people had to wait in it. Then we went inside and Michael Ian Black, that silly dude made a lot of Brandeis related jokes. What a funny guy! Unlike Ben Folds he seemed to be adapting to his surroundings and curving his humor to fit into it. This really made me feel special. That is how good of a comedian Michael Ian Black is. He made ME feel special. That is great of him.

After the show was over I really wanted him to sign this poster for my friend, so I sort of left. Then all the student events people were like, you should leave now. So I did. But I could see him. Michael Ian Black was in the alumni lounge (or whatever that room on top of Levin is called). Well this was great news to me. He was there in the window posing with all the Student Events kids. My friend and I sang “In Your Eyes”, the come to a window song, but to no avail. He did not come to that window.

Disheartened we began to think about how to meet him. But then everything worked out. He walked out the door of the part of Usdan that is new to selling sandwiches. We mobbed him and said something to the effect of “hey Michael Ian Black how are you.” He replied that he was pretty good. I asked him to sing something, he was like sure. I told him he was not a dick. He told me he was. Then he continued along the way toward the library from the Usdan Courtyard. That was the last time I ever saw Michael Ian Black.  He faded into the distance.  I did not want to follow him because that would not have been nice.

I sort of felt weird about wanting to have his autograph but I did get my friend Sara a good present.  And I mean that is how it goes if you are a celebrity.

Relatedly, I recorded a good thirty minutes of it on analog tape and if the powers don’t be don’t hurt me I will capture it and then post it on here.