The Schedule for Tomorrow

Here’s the full schedule.

The outline for Friday looks like this:

Kickoff: Great Lawn at 8:30-9:30 AM
Featuring speakers, performances, and other programming by a wide range of campus leaders and groups. More activities will occur through out the day.

Brandeis Peace Vigil 12:10-12:40pm
Every Friday the interfaith chaplaincy comes together to host a weekly peace vigil at the Peace Circle, from 12:10-12:40pm. This Friday we are placing a special focus on confronting bigotry peacefully. We welcome everyone to come join us, regardless of your religious (or non-religious) background! We’ll start with a few minutes of reflective silence, then we’ll share our thoughts, and we’ll close with a song.

More events throughout the day in the SCC including:

Community Lunch 1:30pm:
This is Celebrate Brandeis day, so let’s talk about something worth celebrating – Brandeis and Social Justice. We’re trying to show that Brandeis is a community – so let’s build that community by having staff, faculty, and students mix in an informal setting.

Teach-In on Community Organizing and Leadership Development – 3pm
Corey Hope Leaffer is a kickass Brandeis alum. She’s agreed to lead a workshop teaching us about leadership development, how to build a strong organization, and teambuilding. One thing worth celebrating about Brandeis is our commitment to Justice. Corey’s going to teach us about how to actually make change we want to see in the world.

Ending: Shabbat Dinner (theme: Harry Potter)
Sherman Function Hall at 6:30 PM. Featuring a surprise special guest.

The full schedule can be found here

Oh, also 7:30-9:30pm: a screening of the movie Bilal’s Stand. I don’t understand how that fits into the theme of the day but the organizers are good people and I’m going to give them free publicity.


2 thoughts on “The Schedule for Tomorrow”

  1. Unrelated but simultaneous student events stressbuster in the SCC?
    Wierdly under-publicized… you’d think that someone would have thought to mention this in any of the millions of 12/03 agenda emails we’ve been getting:

    “Friday, Dec. 3rd 2-4pm in the SCC Atrium (massages start at 1:30)

    Extreme Makeover massages and manicures
    A shot at love with Tila Tequila mocktails
    Cake Boss cupcake decorating
    America’s Next Top Model Photobooth
    Jersey Shore decorate your own $tunna $$hades
    Project Runway design a pillowcase

    AND MORE!!!
    Stop by and HAVE SOME CAREFREE FUN!!!”

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