Election Results

Here you go:

Senator at Large:
Abdul Aziz Sohail
Beneva Davies

Senator for the Class of 2011:
Michael D. Newborn
Abraham Berin

Senator for the Class of 2012:
Abby L. Kulawitz
Liya Kahan

Senator for the Class 2013:
Jessica P. Christian
David J. Fisch

Racial Minority Senator:
Leslyn M. Hayes

Finance Board Member:
Julia B. Blanter

F-board Racial Minority Representative:
Gabriela A. Castellanos

Associate Justice for the Student Judiciary:
Matthew Kriegsman
Judah A. Marans
Rasheedat M. Azeez
Jean V. Souffrant II*
Jessica Granville
Alex C. Norris*

*Jean Souffrant withdrew from the election after the voting had started. The ballot could not be updated after the voting had started. The Elections Commission has ruled that because Jean Souffrant withdrew, Alex Norris has won the final Student Judiciary spot.

The Elections Commission


2 thoughts on “Election Results”

  1. I would REALLY love to meet this guy!! He’s hilarious. Most people I’ve met on the campaign have taken themselves too seriously and have literally attacked me with bland rhetoric about student government. Its exciting to hear about someone with a such vibrant personality in the Union. Never under-estimate Humor.

  2. Alex Norris is baller. Check out his victory facebookmail that I just got:

    Dear future subjects to my will,
    I’d like to thank you all for your support. There were times when we didn’t think we could do it. When I was caught using staples to affix my signs to willing peons, it was a setback. When it turned out the girl was pregnant, I thought it wasn’t going to happen. When all my opponents morphed into one giant robot, I was sure it was over, but my electoral standing and martial arts skills saw me through. It may be that I won only on a technicality, but that technicality was democracy.

    So thank you, my supporters, and let’s move into this bright new future together.


    The spring winds sidle
    As we celebrate the night
    If the glove don’t fit…

    Judiciously Yours,

    I’m excited for all the frivolous lawsuits he will mock

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