Flyer Book

Today I was walking in the hallway and I saw all these flyers. Then I went to the bathroom and thought how important information is and how much information there is so much that is, but then it is lost forever. Like there is so much in the world, but then it id lost forever to time. These flyers all over campus are pretty much trash right now, but think about fifty years from now. People will be like, “whoa there used to be a Students For Environmental Action Club? LOLOLOLOL THERE IS NO MORE ENVIRONMENT!!!
What I am saying is basically, reduce reuse recycle.
Also, we should take a unique flyer of every sort off the wall, and instead of throwing it out, put it in a binder and then if Brandeis lasts longer than a ten more years, eleven years from now, people will have some vague idea of who was here eleven years before them. And those kids eleven years from now, living after megacorporations destroy all of the environment, and people need lifesuits breathe air and live will see that there was a club called SEA and say, “Let’s resurrect SEA and then bring back the environment!”


2 responses to “Flyer Book”

  1. Cece

    Actually, if you check out the Brandeis Archives in Goldfarb there are lots of old fliers stored away in ancient boxes, along with old copies of The Justice and old publications that don’t exist anymore! if you ever find yourself on goldfarb 2 wanting to procrastinate, go find an old copy of the Sherman Grease Trap (“a humorous newsletter produced by and for student employees in the sherman cafeteria”). guaranteed good times will be had by all.

  2. S

    that would be such an interesting archive! yes!