Public Safety Annual Report – Interesting

Things I learned from the annual public safety report:
1. There was a forcible sex offense on campus last year. 2 last year.
2. The public safety department provides the following services:

Community Policing
University police officers are annually assigned as department liaison officers to any community group requesting their assistance. Officers will meet with these groups throughout the year to offer assistance and answer questions on public-safety issues, help in planning events and resolving problems or concerns.

The department offers free fingerprinting services to community members needing fingerprints for job or visa application, or other related reasons. These services are provided by appointment only. Please call 781-736-5000 or 781-736-4240 for more information.

The department is available to assist community members with educational projects they may be researching in the public-safety field. For statistics, general information or references to outside public-safety agencies, please contact the department at 781-736-4240

Did you learn anything else?


2 thoughts on “Public Safety Annual Report – Interesting”

  1. I’ve worked with the police a fair amount, and they’re wonderful. They do a good job of adjusting to the unique policing demands of a college campus, particularly for people who graduated from the Massachusetts State Police Academy. I can only assume that colleges get the handful of graduates from each class who haven’t turned into complete assholes.

    If anything, the parking office is tarnishing Public Safety’s reputation.

    Interesting things I noticed: Schwartz isn’t listed as having sprinklers, Reitman had a fire that caused $2,500 in damages last year (I assume sprinklers activated), and burglaries seem to be rising appreciably.

  2. Despite our griping about parking or lockouts, the Department of Public Safety really does do a good job, and functions well with what they have.

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