So here I sit with Elly, the YMCA song playing over the loudspeakers, and I feel weird.  Today I had a lot of stuff going on, and then I got to this set up and I started playing music.  It was a good time, I just felt sad for the many people who are trying to study in the building as stereotypical Bar Mitzvah music was playing.  I felt very emotional.  You see there is a lot of vulnerability and tenderness in playing music very loudly.  When you do it, you need to have confidence because it will piss a lot of people off.  So how do you DJ music of the early 2000s next to a library?  Well, you have integrity, you play music and think about the positivity, joy and utility coming from it.

There were many songs played; I was going to write what they were, but I had to go to a QPOCC meeting. But it was real, and there were people and they danced.  You all should come to the next Hillel Party for a guaranteed good time.  Also QPOCC is the Queer People of Color Coalition and it is  club of beauty, love, compassion and empowerment (just like Hillel).  Contact me for more info (

Haters gonna hate, so be yourself.  Whether it is playing music loudly or making incoherent Innermost Parts posts.

Love, Scott

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