The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Brandeis is a school committed to many things, one of which is social justice. A good way to get thinking about social justice is through art and satire.

This evening and tomorrow afternoon the Brandeis Official Readers’ Guild will be presenting a rendition of Douglas Adams’s radio play The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It is at 9PM in the Schwartz Auditorium on Saturday and at 2 PM on Sunday. It is free to attend.

This play investigates the environmentally unsustainable practice of blowing up the planet earth with a laser, as well as the long term economic impact of constructing planets in a vast tract of hyperspace. Also it explores at alternate transport and energy ideas, like that of a spaceship that passes through every point in the universe at the same time.

Those paragraphs were a little bit tongue in cheek, and so is the play. However the play is still vastly interesting. It should be checked out just like other campus events such as Relay for Life, Culture X, and the Super Mario Bros. Musical. Now in the interest of journalistic integrity, I would like to say that I am in this play, and this fact contributed widely to my decision to write about it for innermost parts. Also in the interest of self promotion, you could probably sneak in after Culture X if you really want to.

Do you think innermost parts should be a snapshot of student life at Brandeis? Or should it be politically active and advocating things a lot? I think a bit of both, and I think this blog entry shows that people are involved in a lot of things. I love this play, I love my cast mates, I love Brandeis. I want the world to know we do cool things here.