This Must Be the Place

Must it be the place? It must be. And it is called Brandeis. Gosh I love everyone around me right now.  This place is Brandeis.  It appeals to me, but I am thinking most people do. This same thing would happen if I had gone to my dream school UMass-Lowell. You see all people everywhere are pretty chill/cool. It is not because I go to Brandeis or UMass-Lowell, or to a school in New Jersey or the Congo. People on the whole are pretty nice. Sometimes they are on drugs and stuff, but they are still really nice.

So like I guess that begs the question who is doing all the rape, war genocide, etc? IDK my bff Jill. We are all kind, we are all nice, and we do bad things sometimes, but it is because we are passionate.

However I think that society’s greatest trial is turning that passion to good, not bad.  This is entirely general and therefor not true.  But what is wrong with typing things?  What is the deal with censoring yourself just because it is not interesting?  You are stifling your inner spirit to please others.  It is good to navigate into what is good socially for other people, but always remember your inner spirit.






One response to “This Must Be the Place”

  1. Amanda

    if you’re lucky enough to have access to your stream of consciousness, why shouldn’t everyone else? 😛 is my reaction to the last part.