Let your voice be heard!

bumped ~sahar

A message from Steven Karel on mybrandeis: 

After a torrent of e-mails over the weekend (1/31/09-2/1/09) with lots of interesting comments, there has not been a single comment today. Please take a look at the other bulletin boards from the CARS subcommittees and weigh in. There are a number of posted questions with absolutely no student responses. If you don’t make yourself heard now, you will be hard-pressed to complain later about not having been consulted.

I hate to say it, but it’s true. We have all these resources. As Sahar said below, we have a voice. We have the power to use that voice. We wanted open communication, right? But communication has to go both ways. Give and take. We’ve been given the opportunity; please, take it. There are 4,000 people on this campus. There is no reason why the discussion should be stalling.