This weekend MusicUnitesUS presents this really cool group called Nettle, which is a collaboration between four artists from different backgrounds, who combine their skills to create original and unique music. On campus through the weekend, they will be in classes on a variety of subjects and giving concerts for a variety of audiences.

From 4-5pm this afternoon, they will be performing an Informal Concert: Imagining a Common Place in the Shapiro atrium.

Tomorrow from 9-10:30am in Slosberg, they will be in hosting open class on Colling Traditions: The Nu World (Dis)Order, following which they will be in another class in Slosberg which anybody is free to attend, called Fixing Friction, from 12-1:30pm.

Since I only have time to go to one of these events, I am very excited to go to an Improvisation Workshop with Nettle tomorrow from 4-5:30pm. Contact for more info.

On Saturday, before their big concert Nettle will host a Preconcert Talk: Nettles, Neighbors and Nu World Music at 7pm in the Rose Art Museum.

At 8pm in Slosberg, Nettle will will give the biggest concert of the weekend, Nettle – Music for a Nu World. This will definitely be an awesome and rocking concert.  See for ticket prices.