Theatre Arts at Brandeis

And the debate over the future of the arts at Brandeis rages on:

Through a generous gift from the Laurie Foundation, the Brandeis University Hiatt Career Center will administer the Hiatt Theater Arts Fellows Program, a competitive application process to provide $3,000 individual awards to support 7-8 undergraduate students in unpaid theater-related training and internships during summer, 2009. Internships must be undertaken through: a theater-related training program, theater-related organization in the private or public sector, or Brandeis faculty-led theater-related experiential curriculum.

I think the Hiatt WoW scholarships and Justice Brandeis Legacy Fund for Social Justice grants have been a great development over the past few years.  Establishing something similar within the theater department is especially important because paying jobs in theaters, especially for college students, are so rare.

Have there been other subject-specific grants established?