Shalom… sike! …¡Hola!

Hey Everyone!

Who am I? I’m still figuring that out. Who I will present myself to you as – that’s a different story. My name is Laura Aguirre and I’m new to Innermost Parts. I’m a Junior who took some time off so I will be graduating in 2013. Currently, I’m the co-president of ¡AHORA!, the Latino organization on campus, and the co-president of Brandeis Humanists, the secular and skeptics club. My interests are quite diverse but I am most passionate about issues concerning animals and the environment, immigrants, the LGBT community, women, and race. I’m all about bringing different ideas together (especially ones that may even collide) and trying to find a commonality. I really like questioning everything. New and different perspectives excite me and weakening ignorance is an important goal for me.

I was born and raised in NYC! I love Colombian and Italian food. I really like stand-up comedy, especially the really offensive ones. I don’t have any particular hobbies; I tend to just pick up random activities and then drop them for something new. Monotony bores me and I like new things. There’s a lot more but I want to keep this short.

As a blogger, I hope to bring light to issues that are oftentimes overlooked on campus. As a feminist, vegetarian, ally, atheist, Latina Brandeisian student I hope to bring a new perspective to the activist world.

Your excited, new, friendly blogger,


“Open your eyes before you die.” – Immortal Technique