Nice to Meet You!

Hey Guys,

My name is Morgan Gross, I’m a freshman at Brandeis, and I’m one of your newest writers for Innermost Parts. Whaddup.

Now, I know that I’m doing this whole introduction thing kind of backwards; I’ve already posted a few times on Innermost Parts, and you may have seen my name in your inbox attached to an email encouraging you to take the survey on cage free eggs (great job on that, guys!).

In any case, I still thought that it would be a worthwhile endeavor to introduce myself to you and let you know a little bit about me, what I’m interested in and where I’m coming from as far as activism goes.

As previously stated, I’m a freshman here. I hail from Philadelphia—not really, but saying Philadelphia is easier than saying Holland, Pennsylvania. I enjoy writing, drinking tea, listening to/making music, and reading Questionable Content.

I am passionate about too many things—one of my major personality flaws—but the short list includes ethical eating and preserving free press, as well as general human rights stuff.

As far as my history in activism, I’ve always been a long time listener, first time caller type of activist. What I mean by this is that I’ve always had liberal/progressive opinions—much to the dismay of my grandparents—and have been more than happy to share and debate my thoughts, but less inclined to do anything about them.

This brings me back to Innermost Parts.

I am SO excited to be here, doing work, getting the word out and doing something positive and productive with my many opinions.

Peace, Love, and Active Activism