Elections Final Round Results

Board of Trustees
Number of voters: 566 · Electorate size: 3254 · Percentage voted: 17.39
Ranked by votes
Rank         Candidate         Votes        %
1         Heddy Ben-Atar         274        48.41
2         Sahar Massachi         267        47.17
3         ABSTAIN         25        4.42

Alumni Association
Number of voters: 416 · Electorate size: 3254 · Percentage voted: 12.78
Ranked by votes
Rank         Candidate         Votes        %
1         Samuel Fuchs         170        40.87
2         Jourdan Cohen         152        36.54
3         ABSTAIN         94        22.60

Eh… you win some, you lose some, I guess. But anyway, I, and I’m pretty sure I speak for Sahar as well, want to thank everyone who voted, flyered, or dormstormed. It was a really close race, and I appreciate all the work that people put in.


5 thoughts on “Elections Final Round Results”

  1. Publius- surely you also remember that the Union has to wait a bit before the results become official, leaving time for complaints and such. I’m nitpicking though, your comments are spot on. Hope all is well.

  2. The Union typically publishes the results on the website. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time because people have class or things like that. The school doesn’t like too many campus-wide emails going out so typically Spring Round 1 and Spring Round 2 are sent out together.

  3. IS it just me, or do other people find it weird that the Union doesn’t publicly announce who won elections? They send like 12 emails telling you to vote, but then there is never any follow up. It’s not even posted on the Union website (or it least not that I’ve seen. Why is this?

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