Help me change Brandeis – vote today

So, as you may know, I’m running for Junior Representative to the Board of Trustees. The first round of elections was on Thursday, and it ended in a runoff. Voting starts (and ends) today.

If you’ve been following my work at Innermost Parts, and think I would be a good face for the student body to the Board of Trustees, or if you like the projects I’ll pursue with that position, please vote for me now. Any current Brandeis undergraduate student (midyears to Seniors) can vote.

You can learn more about what I’m about and what I’m running on by checking out my elections website (here).

The quick synopsis:

Why Sahar Massachi?

What he’s done:
Disappointed by the lack of appropriate media outlets for student voices, Sahar founded in his first year. An authentic student voice focused on building the Brandeis community and serving as a modern “town square,” it has provided social justice-oriented content for the entire community – students, faculty, alumni, and staff. During the months prior to the presidential election, he served on the Brandeis Votes Union Task Force that facilitated the effort to register Brandeis students to vote through many diverse clubs. Currently, Sahar coordinates our endowment strategy with other colleges through the Committee on Endowment Ethics and Responsibility.

What he believes:
Brandeis has always been on the forefront of social change. Our first task was to use competition to force other Universities to end their bigoted admissions and hiring policies. Our task today is to empower each other to draw upon our undergraduate experiences to improve the world in which we live. A Brandeis graduate should have more than just a liberal arts education, we should have all the tools and knowledge that we need to be a citizen – in the most expansive sense of the term.

What he’ll do
“I pledge to use electronic or other means to contact the student body before all Board meetings, as well as to inform them of the happenings therein. I believe that if students are treated as partners, we will act like partners. We deserve to be approached as stakeholders who love Brandeis, and not as transients. We need to pro-actively build the Brandeis community and uphold Brandeis’ most cherished values, and I will bring that spirit and that orientation to the Board of Trustees. With your vote, I promise to be transformative and visionary, not just competent.”

Thanks for your support.