Democracy for America, Students for a Democratic Society, the Social Justice Committee and four academic Departments (PAX, History, Education, SJSP) will be bringing Bill Ayers to campus on Thursday April 30. He will be speaking in the Shapiro Campus Theater at 9 PM, doors will open at 8:30. He will be speaking about social justice, activism and his experiences in the Weather Underground. This will include a Q&A session afterward. During the preceding week we will hold educational events about the speaker.

Tickets will go on sale after spring break, the price will be $5 and will be available on a first come, first serve basis with a Brandeis ID. 230 tickets will be available for sale. This event is limited to members of the Brandeis Community only.

Contact Lev at or Liza at for questions!

9 comments on “Prof. William Ayers will speak at Brandeis”

  1. Mariel Says:

    So. Excited.

  2. Jourdan Says:

    Let the backlash commence! again!

  3. Rohit Jangi Says:

    This is an outrage. He instigated Brandeis recruits to comit murder! No future donations from me and my friends.

  4. Sahar Says:

    Rohit, I’m sorry, what?

  5. Ilya Usvyatsky Says:

    Shame on Brandeis. No more money from me and my friends.

  6. tkas Says:

    You have got to be kidding me. Would they invite mcVeigh if he were alive?

  7. Todd Damon Says:

    It’s fine to have people with wacky viewpoints on campus, but those who declared and fought a war against our country and still claim to have done the right thing need to be punished by respectable institutions.

    When he’s ready to apologize and take responsibility for the bombings and the people who died, then have him come and talk his hateful crap.

  8. Gideon Says:

    Hopefully this will be inspiration:
    “Delegates walk out on Ahmadinejad”

  9. jon Says:

    And he dedicated his first book to Sirhan Sirhan, for those of you that graduated from US Public Schools, the man who murdered Robert Kennedy.