Hi Ya’ All!

Hi ya’ all!

I’m Afzal Ullah and I’m a first-year science posse student here. I’m hoping to major in Biology and Psychology. People have asked, why not combine the two and major in Neuroscience? The short answer is, I don’t know much (of anything) about Neuroscience. This is why I’ll be taking Intro to Neuroscience next fall. Maybe I’ll minor in Journalism too!

In high school I was actively involved in the Environmentalist Club, the Bread and Roses Club -– a social justice posse devoted to diminishing child labor and unfair wages — and the Theatre Guild. I’ve also founded the Melting Pot, a magazine celebrating the diversity my old high school had to offer. On campus I’ve joined the Triskelion, the Hoot and now Innermost Parts.

In the next four years I hope to know exactly what I want in life – where do I want to live as an adult, where do I want to work, what do I want to eat (meat or fish?), what and who do I believe in, what friends do I want to hold on to.

With Innermost Parts I’m hoping to set up a platform for when I need to get to my fellow Brandeisians, and express my most opinionated feelings and make my followers happy. I would like to focus on topics that involve self-esteem, relationships, LGBTQA interests, and anything else that will find my readers joy and keep Brandeis progressing.