Kindness Day!

Kindness is an act, a process, and/or a positive thought towards a friend, family member, partner, or the world. It is expressed in thousands of different ways. Whatever way we show our kindness, the reward is always a heartwarming feeling of self-gratitude. Here on campus, after having gone through Orientation Week and meeting new friends, it leaves me with no question that our students are extremely kind and respectful towards each other and the world. Even under stress, the students here manage to smile and greet each other with sweet compliments as they rush to class.

In this nationally-celebrated Kindness week, we get to acknowledge our kinder-selves and immerse our community in an even more amicable environment. We can become fully selfless and do the extraordinary things that members in participating groups in the Waltham Group always commit themselves to. This is the time for all of you to communicate how truly thankful you are for the friends you’ve made here, the faculty members, the employees in the dining services, and the Facilities’ workers. It takes not longer than a minute to write a postcard to someone you care for.

Tomorrow, Friday the 12th, is Kindness Day. Volunteers will be tabling all day in Shapiro Campus Center. Please stop by for a few minutes tomorrow to sign random acts of kindness cards, write a note to the workers, make signs to be hung up all around campus, and really good pie tasting!! It has been a great success thus far this week. Tomorrow should be revolutionary. =D

Thank you for all you do!!