Pres. Reinharz’s Office Hours Cancelled

Pres. Reinharz has office hours only about once every month.   Today at 9:18am I got an email saying that his office hours which were to be held from 11am-12:30pm were to be canceled “due to unforeseen circumstances”.

Anyway, today  is also the day that the University is to release the recommendations of the Brandeis 2020/ CARS II Committee to the student body.   While, it’s definitely possible that there are “unforeseen circumstances” that make such a rare date with Jehuda impossible to hold, it simply seems too fortuitous to be simply coincidental.  It saddens me that one of the few channels for student access to the administration (and thus access to the decision-makers who affect our lives) was canceled without substantive explanation, particularly on such an important date in a time of crises and distrust.


2 thoughts on “Pres. Reinharz’s Office Hours Cancelled”

  1. It is a coincidence. Reinharz cancelled all his public appointments today because of illness.

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