In a stunning show of support, students overwhelmingly voted for for former- (and now, future-) Union Secretary, Diana Aronin. Diana was impeached by the Senate (and the Judiciary unanimously voted to approve) for some bullshit. The Union Senate (as well as perhaps the Union Judiciary) have just been handed a giant slap in the face by a vote organized by a facebook group called “Vote Diana Aronin and say Screw the Student Union.” She received over 75% of the vote.

Honestly, a week ago I didn’t even consider the possibility of a write-in campaign for Diana – but what brilliance it was! For better or worse, the most visible face of the Student Union is the Senate. Now the Senate is basically a body charged with chartering clubs – but they manage to spend 2-5 hours every week arguing about it. And the excesses of the Senate poison the stature of the rest of the Union – you know, the part that actually gets shit done.

Lev really said it better than I ever could. There is no way you could interpret today’s vote as anything other than a giant “Fuck You” to the Senate, the Union Judiciary, and possibly the rest of the Union Government.

Imagine all those people who played a part in kicking Diana out of office. How will they deal with her in the future? Will they avoid eye contact, and mutter something apologetic as they scurry past? Perhaps they will have no shame. Perhaps they will not change their pattern of behavior, even though the student body, in no uncertain terms, told the Senate and Judiciary that this whole impeachment fuckpile was bullshit?

And now, the results:

As at Poll close: Thursday 11 February 2010 23:59 EST
Number of voters: 640 · Group size: 3390 · Percentage voted: 18.88
Ranked by votes
Rank Candidate Votes %
1 Diana I. Aronin 483 75.47
2 Abraham J. Wachter 134 20.94
3 Abstain 23 3.59

Congratulations Diana.

During her defense, Diana kept blaming everything on Andy Hogan. Now that he’s still President and she’s back in the Secretary job, I wonder how they will get along.



  1. sahar, no offense but i think you are being a bit too harsh with the senators/criticizing the union.

    i also think you are being very hypocritical about the impeachment issue.

  2. There is a stupid editorial in the Hoot today where they criticize the union constitution for allowing Diana to retake her post…

    Whatever happened to checks and balances? The students just put a check on the Student Union…. and the Hoot missed the point entirely.

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