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  • What we did last semester

    So you may know that some of us, in addition to blogging on Innermost Parts, are also staff on the Justice League, which is a new online organizing group on campus. We just sent out an end-of-the-year email laying out all that we accomplished in fall 2010 to all our members. Here’s a slightly modified […]

  • Westboro Baptist PARTY UPDATE

    So you may be aware that Innermost Parts is a project of a Brandeis club called The Justice League. We’re thinking of holding a general meeting for all campus to plan our response. 10pm Sunday. Good idea? Would you go to that? Here is every idea from the comments and facebook event so far: Which […]

  • Marty Peretz half-apologizes

    Victory? Nicholas Kristof and I do not see the world—and America’s role in it—in the same way. I have sometimes expressed my disagreements with his opinions vociferously (vociferousness is my business). But in yesterday’s The New York Times, he quotes two sentences that I recently wrote—one of them genuinely embarrasses me, and I deeply regret […]