Something you can do to help!

Sahar has noted to many people have been reaching out to him asking what he can do to help with the events being planned for December 3rd. My name is Rachel Goldfarb, and somehow I’ve ended up in charge of the media/outreach campaign for this whole thing, and I need your help!

Last night, we discussed getting our various groups on campus involved in the events on December 3rd. We’d like to start asking club leaders to forward the “commitment to celebrate” statement to their lists, and see what groups are interested in co-sponsoring or organizing events for the day. What clubs are you involved in? If you can contact a club leader for us, we’ll be eternally grateful!

So here’s the deal: you should email your club leader explaining what’s going on so far, how they can get involved, and asking whether their club is interested. CC me on the email (rgoldfarb @, remove the spaces) so that I can keep track of which clubs have and have not been contacted so far. If you’re not sure what to tell your club leader, send me an email and I’ll give you a sample email to edit according to that club’s needs. Thanks so much for your help!

Westboro Baptist PARTY UPDATE

So you may be aware that Innermost Parts is a project of a Brandeis club called The Justice League.
We’re thinking of holding a general meeting for all campus to plan our response. 10pm Sunday. Good idea? Would you go to that?

Here is every idea from the comments and facebook event so far:

Which ones do you like? What would you like to add?

– Buy a bus/carpool and follow them during the day
– Dance the Hora around for the entire visit
– Kissathon
– Party
– Fundraiser
– Sing songs of counterculture (RENT, internet is for porn, etc)
– Glitter
– Rickroll
– Don’t pay attention
– Free Kippas and Rainbow flags

Longer ideas:

  • Let’s make it really positive! Let’s make it about what a great place Brandeis is, and not about WBC at all! We should do charity donations and channuka songs, like people mentioned!
  • I think it is very important that we organize a response that celebrates Brandeis diversity and pluralism rather than attack the group itself
  • Let’s reclaim this campus as a home for the sexually liberated and put on a good show.
  • We should just make a big circle around them with our backs turned toward them. And fart a lot in their general direction
  • Use cardboard/other materials to build a genuine MEDIA CONTROLLING DEVICE on the Great Lawn. Make a lot of aerials and knobs and stuff. Then go at it, controlling the media through secret, clandestine connections.
  • I leave these tools at your disposal. While it may seem funny, in all seriousness I urge you: WHAT SETS THESE PEOPLE APART IS THEIR UTTER LACK OF SUBTLETY AND LACK OF CREATIVITY. This means whatever you do has to be subtle, creative, and, (the one attribute I suggest you mimic) ludicrous.
  • CRAZY-SIGNS: Everyone bring a picketing sign or a poster, but DO NOT COORDINATE what they will be, and then full-heartedly devote yourself to supporting the signs other people bring as well as your own, expounding their virtues to the utmost.
  • Cake Party: If you really want a party, get a lot of cake. Then everyone should eat cake, and only be allowed to say the word cake. This will be silly for three minutes, and funny after five, and eventually if you can be louder than them but only say the word cake then it will be epic.