Something you can do to help!

Sahar has noted to many people have been reaching out to him asking what he can do to help with the events being planned for December 3rd. My name is Rachel Goldfarb, and somehow I’ve ended up in charge of the media/outreach campaign for this whole thing, and I need your help!

Last night, we discussed getting our various groups on campus involved in the events on December 3rd. We’d like to start asking club leaders to forward the “commitment to celebrate” statement to their lists, and see what groups are interested in co-sponsoring or organizing events for the day. What clubs are you involved in? If you can contact a club leader for us, we’ll be eternally grateful!

So here’s the deal: you should email your club leader explaining what’s going on so far, how they can get involved, and asking whether their club is interested. CC me on the email (rgoldfarb @, remove the spaces) so that I can keep track of which clubs have and have not been contacted so far. If you’re not sure what to tell your club leader, send me an email and I’ll give you a sample email to edit according to that club’s needs. Thanks so much for your help!

Picking up steam

In less than 12 hours, we have 168 signatures saying:
“Yo, these WBC people are lame and mockable. So let’s respond to their hate with a celebration of how much we love each other / Brandeis. And also – Hillel, TRISK, everyone else attacked by these dudes – we got your back”

Or saying something like that.

Lots of people have been emailing and texting me asking how to get involved in party planning. Keep it up! More info on legit party planning to come out tonight, or tomorrow morning, pending a couple meetings.

I need someone reasonably computer-savvy for a special mission ASAP. Shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. Let me if you’re interested. If you don’t know how to contact me, let me know in the comments.

Student Union Senate endorsed the letter. That means we got Hillel, Student Union E-Board, and the Student Union Senate. Once we get Jehuda onboard, we can claim a monopoly and build hotels. 🙂

We’ve also hit the recommended list on Blue Mass Group.

Keep it up! This is happening!

Now – I’m going to spend the rest of today figuring out a structure for people to plan their parties and where to point people to when they ask how they can be involved.