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  • This amazing thing I kinda forgot to tell you about

    Based on an email I just wrote So this is a bit embarrassing. For the past several weeks, we in the Justice League been working really hard on a secret project. We were so excited and worked so hard to make it happen that we sorta forgot to unveil it. Whoops. Consider this a quick […]

  • What we did last semester

    So you may know that some of us, in addition to blogging on Innermost Parts, are also staff on the Justice League, which is a new online organizing group on campus. We just sent out an end-of-the-year email laying out all that we accomplished in fall 2010 to all our members. Here’s a slightly modified […]

  • Victory

    Just something I sent to a few friends … 🙂 Hey everyone. We won. Read this: “I do not think that any group or class of persons in the United States should be denied the protections of the First Amendment, not now, not ever … I do not mean to suggest that the Constitution and […]