This amazing thing I kinda forgot to tell you about

Based on an email I just wrote

So this is a bit embarrassing.

For the past several weeks, we in the Justice League been working really hard on a secret project. We were so excited and worked so hard to make it happen that we sorta forgot to unveil it. Whoops. Consider this a quick 5am belated special surprise announcement.

Announcing the first (annual?) Social Justice Alumni Kicking Ass Weekend Fest.
(This name is subject to change)

We’ve contacted five impressive awesome alumni – and flown then to campus this weekend to meet you! They will hold workshops, share skills, talk about careers in social justice, their experiences at Brandeis – all that and more.

The quick info:

Thursday, 7:30, Shapiro Dorm Lounge: Andrew Slack
Friday, 3:30, SCC 315: Aaron Voldman and Sam Vaghar
Saturday, 2:00, SCC 313: Joshua Kahn Russell and Jay Mandel

The why-you-should-care info:

Andrew Slack ’02 will talk about using the power of Harry Potter to fight evil in the real world. Seriously. He’s awesome. You’re awesome. You two should connect.
7:30 – 10pm in Shapiro Dorm Lounge

Aaron Voldman ’09 and Sam Veghar ’08 both founded successful national non-profits – while they were still undergrads! These guys are going places and they want to meet you.
3:00 – 6:00 pm, SCC 315

Joshua Kahn Russell ’06 and Jay Mandel ’80 are both way too accomplished for these few sentences to do them justice. Suffice to say that Josh was the alpha badass activist when he was at Brandeis, and he’s still being great in the “real world.” Jay has been actively involved as an alum – he’s been involved with the Peace Circle, Peace Room, endowed a scholarship, and many more behind-the-scenes great things. You can learn more about them on the facebook event.
2:00 – 4:30 pm SCC 313

Exciting, right?

Yeah so we are very proud of ourselves, and we want to make sure that everyone knows about this exciting opportunity. You should go to one of these workshops/hangouts. Heck, you should go to all three. You know, everything is better with friends; bring yours.

Oh also!

Special bonus event:
Friday at Noon. Super-special peace vigil at the peace circle outside Usdan. Jay Mandel ’80 (who will be speaking/workshopping on Saturday) actually funded the peace circle and there’s going to be a big presence there in his honor. I hear there’ll be some special surprise guests there as well.

So I’m pumped. This weekend is going to be great.

Hope this all makes sense.

P.S. Remember our food and freedom campaign? We’ve raised over 1000 ballots, and now we’re in talks with the Union and Adminstration to bring fair dining practices and student democracy to campus. Expect more info soon.