Greening the Ivory Tower: Brandeis Garden groundbreaking!

Some of you may have heard about the Greening the Ivory Tower class at Brandeis, taught by Environmental Studies professor Laura Goldin. For those of you who haven’t, its a community-involved learning class which works on environmental projects dealing with the University and surrounding community. This year, the class has teamed up with other students, staff, professors, and community members to start a co-op community garden on campus. This is a very exciting step in the right direction for Brandeis dining! The project’s aims are to connect the University with our source of food and to unite our community under a common goal.

The Brandeis Garden project aims to create a vegetable garden that may work as a source of food for the University. The project will hopefully be supported during the summer by students in the Justice Brandeis Semester, with help from Healthy Waltham. It will be up to our community, however, to sustain the garden and make sure it thrives, so let’s all get involved!

The first opportunity to volunteer will be at the groundbreaking event, held October 18 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm in the field across from the Chapels. Local bands are invited to perform, and there will be food and tee shirts for sale! Throughout the day, there will be numerous activities (and numerous opportunities to get your hands dirty!) so be sure to stop by.