24 hour quiet hours; a lot of noise

Wouldn’t be nice if there were a break in the noise? It sure is 24 quiet hours,  but there is a lot of noise. There is a lot of noise in everything, in the universe and in literature.  Maybe it is quiet, maybe it is not loud, but all I hear is a lot of noise.  There is noise everywhere distracting me and talking and thinking.  It is much too difficult to study to live in this society that creates noise.  It is always trying to talk to me and enslave me.  It is too difficult to continue without trying hard.  That is how we have to do it






2 responses to “24 hour quiet hours; a lot of noise”

  1. scottt

    fun story i did not post this,i didn’t mean for this to be posted. it kind of happened, now this will add to my legacy as being a shitty blogger on innermost parts i’m trying to do a good job though

  2. m

    A+ post scott