You can haz the power

It’s weird, isn’t it? The more local an election, the lower the turnout rate. Yet the more local the office, the greater an impact it will have on the lives of electors. The Executive of Monroe County had much more power to advance or retard my fame, my fortunes, and my family than Governor Paterson ever will.

Same goes for Brandeis. Sometimes, the elections and appointments with the lowest buzz are the most important. This is one of those times.

The Student Union is accepting applications for University Committees. This is actually pretty important. Being on a committee may not be as sexy as being Vice President, or Senator at Large, but if passionate people control those commitees, we can push good policy through to the University. I plan on applying, and I hope all readers of Innermost Parts do too.


Here’s what Tia has to say:

These Committees work on a wide array of issues on campus and are an excellent way to get involved on campus. Applications must be received by Friday, September 5 at noon, with interviews being conducted that
Sunday, September 7. No previous experience needed, just a passion and commitment to positive change on campus.

And here’s Jess Blumberg:

Hi, so the University Committees are another avenue for advocacy that the Student Union sponsors and encourages. These committees are created through applicants from the student body (any one can apply) and meet directly with an administrator to advocate for change in that sector and usually advise that dean or staff head about the activities of their area. Examples of this are the dining committee, Reslife Committee, Hiatt Advisory Committee, and the Provost’s Advisory Committee. I encourage all who are interested or passionate about one of the areas a committee covers to apply.


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