New Head of LTS – Your Input Needed

Yo Brandeis Listen UP!

The committee to hire the new Head of LTS meets tomorrow. I am on that committee, as the undergraduate representative.

Question for you all:
“As a result of hiring the new head of LTS what will be the fundamental differences at Brandeis one year from now, three years from now, and five years from now?”

Extra bonus question:
“What parts of LTS need to be sustained? What parts need to become better or new things should be created?”

If I get enough answers I will present them to the committee so please spread widely.

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “New Head of LTS – Your Input Needed”

  1. sure. Latte is intended to be a forum for professors to communicate with students and students with one another. However, often times either due to technological glitches, students cannot post/upload papers, especially when many people are doing so at once and it becomes backed up. Because Latte doesn’t have many instructions on the page, it can be confusing at times, and could be simplified technologically, or explained better.
    In addition, I was recently told by a professor about the possibility of Latte being used to create a portfolio of students’ work throughout their time at Brandeis and am curious as to why this was not pursued. It seems like a good idea.

  2. latte should be made more accessible and professors should be taught how to use it.

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