A democratic Party!

Tomorrow, we get to vote. My first primary. I’m excited.

But you know what’s even more fun that voting? Voting with your friends.
Why not making voting a social affair?

Therefore, Innermost Parts is pleased to announce Primary08, a voting party. Sign up on facebook!

The Massachusetts primary will be much closer than previously thought. Every vote will count.

We will all meet in Usdan. At 5pm, we march to Gosman, get the BranVan and vote in the primaries.

And then…we’ll see what happens from there.

No matter who you vote for, what matters is that you voted. The Youth Vote will matter. And next election, we’ll like the candidates more because they’ll finally be courting, rather than dismissing us.

Usdan, then Gosman. the Banks School

Update: Unlike every election before this one, we won’t vote at Gosman this year. Instead, we have to vote at the Banks School.

I get email:

The polling location for students registered at Brandeis is the Banks
School at the Corner of Russell and South Streets, it’s right across the
street from Walgreens. The BranVan will be able to give people rides
there starting at 4pm and the polls close at 8pm.

This looks bad. Why did the polling location switch so suddenly? Now it’s significantly harder for us college students to vote…